High reliability open proxy servers

Do you need a proxy? Here is a reliable proxy that you can actually access.

Proxy lists

Managed proxies.
Available proxies.
TypeAddressHide IPReliability score (lower is better)
socks5 Yes -1
http Yes 5
http Yes 5
http Yes 5
http Yes 5
http Yes 5
http Yes 5
http Yes 5
http 186-178-89-200.fibertel.com.ar:80 No 5
http 67-178-89-200.fibertel.com.ar:8080 No 5

API interface.

An API interface is provided for using this site.

Request specification.

End point
HTTP request method
GET only. Other requests are ignored.
Usage limit
24 times per day.
Request parameter specification.
KeyResource typeValue
limitintSpecify the number of proxies to be returned at one time. 10 is specified by default, and you can specify any of the following values: 1, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500.

Request sample.


Response specification.

Content type
Response structure.
Keyresource typeValue
statusintegerProcessing result status. See the status section for details.
proxiesarrayProxy list resource. See the proxy resource section for details.


Describes the status of the processing result.
The process was completed without problems.
Requests that exceed usage limits.

Proxy resource

A description of the proxy list resource.
hosttextProxy address.
portintegerProxy port.
typetextProxy type. Only http is supported.
availability_scoreintegerAvailability score. The higher the score, the lower the better.
anonynmous_levelinteger1 is standard. 2 hides the access IP.

Response sample.

{"proxies": [{"port": 8080, "host": "", "type": "http", "anonymous_level": 1, "availability_score": -41}], "status": 200}

The purpose of the service.

Do you get it from the website when you need a proxy? When we need a proxy, we get it from the website. However, the proxy posted on the website cannot be used immediately. Many proxies are “theoretical proxies” and whether we can use them physically is another matter.

We are wondering about such unreliable information in a world full of information. So we decided to verify it. To prove that the proxy is physically available.

The proxies listed here are a list of publicly available open proxies, but we have confirmed that all are available. The acquired website information has passed the virus check, and it has also been confirmed that no malicious code has been injected by the proxy.

We hope to help you with your information gathering activities.

However, we cannot guarantee that the connection is possible depending on the country, region and site policy. Please understand that point.


Unfortunately, we cannot take any responsibility for using this proxy.